Complete application guide at Columbia University

Columbia University can be considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world. This university is about 250 years old. It is therefore one of the oldest universities in New York and in the world. Columbia University is located in New York City, New York.

It is important to know that this university currently has more than 27,000 students. Columbia University was founded in 1754 and is a private university. The total assets of the university are reported to be about $ 9 billion.

It should be noted that Columbia University has a very important position in terms of research among universities around the world. This university is the birthplace of many inventions. These inventions include laser technologies, radio FM, fluorescent proteins, LEDs, LEDs. On the other hand, this scientific and academic center is the source of many inventions that happen in the field of medicine.

One of the honors of this university is that the Pulitzer Prize, one of the most prestigious and famous journalism awards in the United States, is awarded annually to prominent journalists, writers, poets and musicians under the supervision and management of this university. Another important point to note is that the Columbia University Library contains more than 9 million books.

columbia university notable alumni

Columbia University Schools
medical School
School of Law
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Graduate School of Arts and Business
School of Journalism
dental College
School of Architecture and Drawing
Teacher Training School
nursing school
School of Social Work
School of Business
Faculty of Health Sciences
School of International Affairs
art University
Columbia University Schools
Columbia University Schools

Some of Columbia University’s master’s and doctoral programs

African-American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Art History and Archeology, Medical Informatics, Biotechnology, Classical Studies, Meteorology and Sociology, Dental Science, Journalism, Environment, East Asia: Regional Studies, Eastern Language and Culture Asia, Economics, English and Comparative Literature, German Languages.

Other majors at Columbia University

World Studies in France, World Thought, Spanish Cultural Studies in Language, History and Literature, Human Rights Studies, International and World History, Islamic Studies, Italian Studies, Japanese Education, Journalism, etc.

Columbia University, New York, USA

Ranking of Columbia University in the world

It should be noted that Columbia University became the 18th top university in the world in the QS world ranking in 2021. It should also be noted that the university is the third top university in the United States, after Princeton and Harvard University (the full application guide at Harvard University), according to the US News Institute.

According to the latest Shanghai rankings in 2020, the university is ranked higher than Oxford University and ranked seventh in the world. The university is ranked among the top 20 universities in the world according to the Times Institute rankings for 2020.

Famous graduates of Columbia University

It is important to know that 82 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from Columbia University so far. Among the 82 Nobel laureates of this university is Milton Friedman. In fact, it can be said that with these awards, this university is at the top of the list of all educational institutions in the world in this field.

It is important to know that three US presidents, Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Barack Obama, studied at this university.

How to get accepted to Columbia University

The process of obtaining admission from Columbia University is the same for all students, regardless of their nationality or country of residence. In general, in order to be accepted to this university, you need to pay attention to a few points. One of these points is that the application for admission of students is done online.

You have to pay $ 85 for this. This amount is non-refundable. Students must then obtain a passing score on the SAT or ACT. In these circumstances, it is necessary to provide some documents, for example, a diploma and transcripts, as well as a letter of recommendation from two professors to be accepted from this university.

Students in these situations are required to submit their resume, which includes achievements, activities, work experience, and so on. Students’ TOEFL language score of at least 100 is required for the online exam and 600 for the written exam. To be accepted to this university, IELTS with a minimum score of 7 is required along with passing the Dolingo exam with a minimum score of 120.

Tips for admission:

You need to keep in mind that you may be asked to take an interview after admission. Another thing to keep in mind is that students must present one of the TOEFL or IELTS test certificates or have a Dolingo test to be admitted to this university. Another noteworthy point is that the PTE test is not accepted by this university.

How to get a free scholarship

Due to the high cost of studying in the United States, many people, especially international students, are looking for scholarships. It should be noted that in order to study at Columbia University, you can use the University Scholarship in addition to the state scholarships offered to students by the US Government itself.

Columbia University believes that spending should in no way hinder the realization of people’s educational aspirations. Therefore, studying at Columbia University is possible for different applicants with different financial, social and cultural conditions. Funding at Columbia University in New York is based on student needs. But it should be noted that at this university, there are no academic, sports or talent scholarships.